<33 Technology is a passive antenna, not unlike an RFID device (key fob, door access card). <33 devices are embedded with specific, beneficial energy patterns. They are continuously powered and activated by atmospheric wave energies that vibrate below 33Hz, thus eliminating the need for power or batteries.


With <33 being a platform technology, it has many areas of application depending on the “tuning” or frequency patterns embedded in <33 devices.

Decades of in-depth research in frequencies between 0.2 and 33 Hz, at an accuracy of 4 decimals points, have shown what each individual frequency’s effects are as well as when combined in multiple frequency “recipes”.


“Powered by <33 Technology”
Since <33 has multiple fields of application, we are devoted in our role as “technology inside” supplier to our various partners for their products and offerings.

This keeps us focused on what we do best, being the technology, and allows our partners to go unchallenged to the market with a clear and distinct unique selling point (USP) delivering a real and positive benefit to each and every consumer.

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