<33 Technology acts like an antenna, not unlike an RFID key fob or door access card. <33 devices are designed to amplify specific and beneficial energies. They are continuously activated by atmospheric terrestrial wave energies of frequencies below 33Hz, eliminating the need for a power supply (electricity or batteries).


<33 is a platform technology and can be applied to improve many applications depending on how the antenna is tuned.

After decades of research, it is clear that each individual frequency’s effects on matter are unique. When these frequencies are combined in multiple frequency “recipes” the effects are even more pronounced.


“Powered by <33 Technology”
Because <33 has multiple fields of applications, we are devoted in our role as the “technology inside” supplier to our various partners to enhance their products and offerings.

We focus on what we do best – providing the ‘core’ technology, and allow our partners to go unchallenged to the market with a clear and distinct unique selling point (USP) delivering a real and positive benefit to each and every consumer.

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